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Welcome to our online store where you can buy our own plants. 

A simplified order placement procedure and guaranteed high-quality of plants ensure a pleasurable shopping experience! 

All the plants that we sell come from our nursery. We produce climbers, including vines and kamchatka berries. In our offer you will find a rich assortment of plants that will be a beautiful decoration for your garden. 

Plants sold by us are sent in one-litre pots. To most of them we attach coloured  labels with the plant image and the recommended manner of care (short, useful tips and information). As a support we provide a 60 cm bamboo stick. The plants have a strong root system, are healthy, not damaged. All of them are carefully and safely packed so that they are not damaged during transport. Our plants are packed in specially prepared boxes, they are protected against peat spillage, as well as other damages during transport. However, if the parcel reaches you damaged - please contact us, we will do everything in our power to make each of OUR customers satisfied! 



As regards the methods of payment, we offer you two options:

• prepaid courier shipping (payment to our foreign account)

• prepaid courier shipping (payment using PayPal)


Parcels sent only from Mondays to Wednesdays.

The cost of shipping packages to individual countries: 

 If you are from other countries ask us for the price of transport.

Orders can be placed by telephone, phone .: + 48 506 037 015 and by e-mail:

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